James E & Jane Clark
  1. One of the great things about being retired is the Vacations that we can take.
  2. We have a great family, and you can see pictures of us here.
  3. If you are from Ludington you may wish to check these pictures out.
  4. These are web sites that I maintain for other groups:
    a. The local environmental group, AFFEW.
    b. The lake we live on, the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society.
    c. The subdivision we live in, Partridge Pointe.
    d, Our Church.
e. The folks that raise Walleye for planting in West Michigan.
  5. If you are curious about me, here is a biography.
  6. I propose that the very best way for the USA to simultaneously improve fuel efficiency and create jobs is with a Green Energy Exchange.